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  • When I purchase a membership for Mountainburg Co-op, what are the amenities the members receives?
Members receive the amenities of using the property for ATV use, hiking, horseback riding and cave explorations. There is over 1,300 acres of hunting land, 400 acres of exclusively bow hunting and the White River provides an assortment of bass, catfish, and sunfish that will satisfy any fisherman. For more information please take a look at our community page.
  • How much rain fall is there at the Mountainburg Co-op and how much drinking water can we expect to get?
Average rain fall in the area is over 50 inches per year which gives you the opportunity to raise and set up a water collection system. In a one inch rain fall, you can expected to get 120 gallons of water depending on your water collection system you have built. If you have any more questions on water collections systems please contact us. 


  • What are the guidelines on the type of lodging/cabin I can put up on the property?
Buildings that are being built on the co-op can not exceed 2 stories and views of adjoining properties can not be blocked. For more information and regulations, please contact us on the contact page and we can give you more information on this question according to our lease agreement.