The Mountainburg Co-op is offering you the opportunity to purchase a membership that allows the use of 1,300 acres. Create a sense of community through freedom for your self by combining efforts with other members who share similar principles and restore a sense of respect, pride, family, and friendliness.

The Mountainburg Co-op gives you a chance to create a nature retreat for vacations with your family or a bugout location because of many different events that can happen. This will bring a peace of mind on knowing you have a place to getaway to take part with your family and friends in uplifting and supporting one another. Nothing compares to having a high level of certainty when it comes to life with your family and friends in the great outdoors of The Ozarks.

This area allows you to live a self-reliant and self-sufficient lifestyle in growing your own crops, raising your own livestock, living off-grid and foraging what you can find in the area itself. Below you will read about the many activities and opportunities the Mountainburg Co-op will give you:

Membership's Unit
         A unit is a members personal space where they can camp and/or build a cabin on, raise livestock, grow a garden and build a water collection system. 


Community Garden and Water Collection Systems
       Average rain fall in the area is over 50 inches per year which gives you the opportunity to raise a garden and set up a water collection system as an individual. There are community gardens and water collection systems being planned and readied around the property for community use too.


Hunting and Fishing
        Members can enjoy 400 acres of exclusive bowhunting only  and the adjoining 900 acres of Arkansas Heritage Land which is located to the north and open to the public for hunting.
        North of the co-op is the White River with its assortment of trout (rainbow, brown and cutthroat), bass (smallmouth, largemouth, rock and Kentucky), catfish (channel, blue and flathead), and sunfish will satisfy any fisherman. Fly-fishing is extremely popular on the river during low water periods. Stream-running walleye are also found in the river.


Hiking, Cave Exploration, Horse Back Riding, and ATV Trails

          There are also many different trails for hiking, horse back riding, and ATV use on the co-op to allow you to enjoy nature at its finest. The Arkansas Heritage Land is exclusively for hiking with its many trails that bring you many great views of The Ozarks. You can also find many caves to explore with their deep caverns and wonderful views.